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Jats 1 i 0. PF PA Dallas 6 1 0. Giants 3 4 0. Houston at Pittsburgh, 1 p. Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta, 1 p. Miami at New York Jets, 1 p. New England at Buffalo, 1 p. Tampa Bay at New Orleans, I p. Cleveland at Cincinnati, 4 p. Indianapolis at San Diego, 4 p.

Butch for fuck local teens 35 Cincinnati 35

Philadelpnia at Dallas, 4 p. San Francisco at Phoenix, 4 p. Monday, Nov. J Today's question: Which jockey holds the record for the most Breeders Cup wins? Wednesday's question: Who won Major League baseball's Rookie of he Year award despite making 41 errors? Wednesday's answer Dick Allen committed 41 errors at third base for the Phillies In Cowboys: S Ray Horton knee-injured reserve is out. Saints: LB Demond Winston knee is questionable. Quebec at New York Rangers, p. Philadelphia at Chicago, p.

Pittsburgh at St. Louis, p. Golden Slate vs. Denver at Winnipeg, Manitoba, p. Shutout: All 6 saves. Records: WC Shutout: Mike Riechman 5 saves. Xavier, According to an article in Physician Sports-medicine, tanning pills could be linked to aplastic anemia, a blood disorder which can be fatal. Canthaxathin, a dye found in tanning pills, may be the culprit. This dye is not approved by the FDA for use in tanning products. The compound is highly fat-soluble; it is deposited anyplace in the body where fat is present, including the retina in the eye, and it stays in the body for long periods of time.

Other side effects associated with the use of the dye include hepatitis, generalized itching and a rash. This drug is most often marketed through newspaper and body building magazines. It is also sold at some health food stores and tanning salons. Be extremely careful. There are no safe, sure ways to produce a tan artificially especially, it appears, through pills. Eastern League Bowie Named J. Keith Lupton general manager.

Butch for fuck local teens 35 Cincinnati 35

Indianapolis Pacers Waived Sean Woods, guard. Reclaimed Eddie Fuler, running back, off waivers. Detroit Liens-Waived Chuck Thomas, center.

Butch for fuck local teens 35 Cincinnati 35

ed Leonard Burton, center. ed Tom Ricketts, offensive lineman. Waived Cornell Holloway, defensive bock.

Butch for fuck local teens 35 Cincinnati 35

Waived Darren Anderson, cornerback, from the practice squad. Re-ed A. Dayton Stebtxn, a. Princeton vs. West Carrolton, noon Mt. Notre Dame vs. Oak HiHs, p. Centerville vs. Piqua, 3 p. Kettering Alter, p. Tipp City vs. Lebanon, 5 p.

Ursula vs. Graham, p. McLin Gym Felicity vs. Milton Union, 11 a. Taylor vs. CHnton Massie, J? Greenview, 2 p. Franklin Monroe, p. Tri Visage vs. Southeastern, 6 p. Cincinnati Country Day vs. Anna, p. Division H, a. Division I: p. Fischer won and now le Fischer played white.

Spassky played black. Nc3 Nc6 17 3. Nge2 d6 Nxd4 e6 20 6. Be3Nf6 21, 7. Q02 Be7 22 8 3 a6 23 9 24 Na4 Bb7 29 Nb6 Rb8 San Francisco 49ers-ed Jacob Green, defensive end. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ed E. Junior, linebacker. Chicago Blackhawks ed Brian Noonan, right wing, to a two-year contract. Loaned Denny Lambert, left wing, to St. Thomas of the Colonial Hockey League. I starting date. Depaut ed Joey Meyer, men's basketball coach, to a mutliyear contract extension. Gator Bowl Announced the retirement of John Bel, executive director, effective at the end of the year.

Saturday, Nov. Division I, p. Cincinnati I St. Xavier vs. Qg2 Rf8 Rg8 Kxh7 Ie6 34, Rg7 Kh8? Rg1, Rg7, Bd3; Qf6 pawns b3, c2, e4, h7. Algebraic notation Each aquare is represented by a letter for file and for rank, as shown in diagram: e. Capital letters are pieces: K -King; Q. Queen: B -B'snop. N Knight; R -Rook Moves are noted by piece and destination square: e. Pawn moves are deated only by destination e. Derrick Rostagno, Pacific Palisades, Calif. Pete Sampras 3Bradenton, Fla. Todd Woodbrldge, Australia, Goran Ivanisevic 4Croatia, def.

David Wheaton, Deephaven, Mm, Princess Garcia, 0. M13 4- AirOSol Ouzts. Doser, M. Tiger Beach, E. Ill 5- Bionlc Tonic Miller, S. Ill LadyLeal Meza,N. Track Fast. Ht-3, cl, mdn YO, 1 l-Wml. Kebbiesonange Wydick 3. Time

Butch for fuck local teens 35 Cincinnati 35

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