There are some things you just don t want to know

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Do not read this .

There are some things you just don t want to know

Just click "back", or close this right now. Your sanity, nay the fate of all mankindwill be in danger. You didn't listen.

There are some things you just don t want to know

Damn you. Don't you know this knowledge is kept secret for a reason? Your feeble, mortal minds cannot comprehend the vast complexity of what you are seeking to learn. Pray that complete madness is the worst consequence of your transgression. Just don't blame us. You Have Been Warned. It's a pretty safe guess, though don't confirm it, that these things resemble Mind Screw and are a Mind Rape.

A major reason on why Curiosity Is a Crapshoot. This may be used as an Armor-Piercing Response. And no, Brain Bleach won't be helpful in this case. You still wish to go further? You don't believe that we honestly do this for your own safety? Well, don't say we didn't warn you. Here are the tropes that this Super-Trope unleashes upon you! There's no going back now.

You'll have to live with it. Or not If your mind has become a horrifying alien monstrosity by this point, avoid interacting with humans, they're infectious. And if it hasn't Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. It, uh, doesn't have to be this literal. Anime and Manga. In Fullmetal Alchemistperforming a forbidden human transmutation will take you to the Gate, where, along with being maimed in some way, you get to look inside and see 'Truth', which, as Izumi stated, looked like hell to her.

Almost all alchemists die doing so. It is implied by Izumi that just surviving it is a very serious feat. Alphonse would have died if his brother had not brought him back. By the end of the story, it is revealed that Father was unable to find enough living alchemists who have survived that, as required for his Evil Plan to work. Also, learning that the Philosopher's Stone is created by sacrificing mass s of human lives has driven many who have sought its power insane.

In the anime versionScar's brother was one of the people thusly afflicted. In Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! In Hasuta's room, he notices that all the corners are covered in putty; when he asks why, Hasuta says very seriously that he's better off not knowing the answer. Zeref of Fairy Tail is the living proof of what happens when you delve too deeply into taboo magic. He wanted desperately to bring his younger brother Natsu Back from the Deadand in the process not only studied various forbidden magics, but also created several magical theories most sane mages would never touch.

The price? He was Cursed to kill anybody he could ever care about or even being in the same general area as him, with immortality to boot as well as live long enough to see many of his works be misused. However, this immortality also bought him time to succeed in his original goal of bringing his brother backand he didn't become evil until much later.

After that, his continued studies into the taboo were to find a way to kill himself which he eventually figured out. Officially, both Unicorns are considered dismantled. In YuYu Hakushothe 'Chapter Black' videotape contains the worst footage of human atrocities throughout history.

It is said to be able to turn any human against their own race upon viewing. Comic Books. Strange quickly averts his eyes, paraphrasing this trope. In Ultimate Spider-ManSpidey has something of an existential crisis after a brief brush with the supernatural, saying later that he's "Seeing things he shouldn't. Fantastic Four : John Byrne's "Trial of Galactus" arc in ended this way when Byrne wrote himself into the final issue. The Watcher snatched him from his home and brought him to the cosmic tribunal, stating that he was the "chronicler" of the Fantastic Four's adventures and thus needed to be there to witness as Reed Richards was brought to trial for the destruction of the Skrull throneworld; he was accused of genocide because he saved the life of Galactus some time before.

Various cosmic beings, including Galactus himself and Odinarrived to testify on Reed's behalf. In the end, Eternity showed everyone assembled the True Purpose of Galactus. There are some things you just don t want to know last had the Watcher warning Byrne that as he wrote this story, many of the details would escape his memory, as the human mind wasn't meant to hold such knowledge.

During the climax, Uatu The Watcher guides him to Galactus vessel, which exists in more than one level of reality, to retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier, the only weapon that can threaten Galactus. We're not shown exactly what the Torch experiences, but it's implied it is so overwhelming it almost renders him catatonic and his mind blocks most of it out.

Torch: We are ants In Equestria: A History Revealedit is hinted that the normal science-loving King Sombra may have discovered something pertaining to dark magic that caused him to go mad. Either that, or according to the Lemony Narratorhe simply got too annoyed with living with the crystal ponies and having to deal with their inane requests.

In The Vowthe destructive potential of fireworks that Lord Shen starts researching obsessively is regarded as this by his parents and the Soothsayer. It is for that reason Shen's parents haven't researched fireworks further as they are dangerous already when used to entertain people. Referenced in a fanfic called "Remus Lupin, P. Someone's death is put down to "Meddling with that which wizards were not meant to know. The Sanctuary Telepath : the "how it could have been" projection and the time machine. Janine: I saw the apocalypse and I felt like it was worth it because we were together.

This is not right. Humanity was never supposed to have this kind of power. Janine: We messed with nature and we thought we could get away with it. We payed the price. Films — Live-Action. A group of Orthodox Jews believes that the is the true name of God, while a stock broker wants it to predict the stock market.

However, the overwhelms anyone or anything that tries to compute it. Max, who already stared too long at the sun and did permanent damage to his brain, begins to completely break down as he studies the. His computer breaks down and starts creating organic goo. Ultimately Max abandons his quest and chooses to simply live life in ignorance, possibly drilling out his mathematical genius to escape the 's curse.

There are some things you just don t want to know

After seeing the title creature in The Abominable Snowmanthe native guide exclaims that he has seen "what man was not meant to see! This is ultimately subverted, as the yeti are actually peaceful beings who just scare people off to protect themselves. Luthor being Luthorhe goes ahead with it anyway. Kryptonian AI: Advising — action forbidden.

There are some things you just don t want to know

It has been decreed by the Council of Krypton that none shall ever again give life to a deformity so hateful to sight and memory — the desecration without name. Lex: And where is the Council of Krypton? Lex: Then proceed. John: Didn't you need to know?

There are some things you just don t want to know

Leek: [ beat ] We're not allowed to know. Optimus Prime: There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve, but who we are and why we are here are not among them. Those answers we carry inside.

There are some things you just don t want to know

I am Optimus Prime, and this message is to my Creators. Leave planet Earth alone. Isaac Asimov : " Jokester ": One man, with access to a super computer that can tell you anything if you know the right questions to ask, tries to discover the source of humor. He tries because he himself is a wonderful, though nonprofessional, comedian. Eventually it turns out the sense of humor was an alien experiment that would be halted as soon as anyone figured out that it was so, meaning he destroyed everyone's sense of humor. Plus, the aliens will now replace humor with something else. Who knows what? The Rest of the Robots : In the introduction, Dr Asimov discusses how fiction often showed how trying to do something godlike such as creating artificial life was something hubristic that needed to be punished.

His decision to have robots as tools was an attempt to defy that literary tradition. The protagonist of the Boojumverse story "The Wreck of the Charles Dexter Ward " had ly dabbled in so-called forbidden science, unafraid of the consequences. After what she witnesses aboard the Charles Dexter Wardhowever, she decides that there are indeed certain areas of knowledge that man was never meant to meddle in.

There are some things you just don t want to know

In A Brother's Pricethe fact that male babies are often stillborn is somewhat treated like this, with women saying "Not in front of the menfolk" when someone tries to discuss it with men nearby. While it doesn't drive anyone crazy to know about it, hearing a woman talk about how her stillborn son was perfect right down to his beautiful little blue toes, just, you know, dead is quite creepy.

In the Robert A. It was the emotions the High One was feeling that caused his discomfort - an overwhelming mixture of sadness, tragedy, grief and weariness. In Robert E. Howard 's Conan the Barbarian story " A Witch Shall Be Born ", Salome was turned out by the magician who raised her for not being sufficiently interested in this for its own sake. He would have made me queen of the world and ruled the nations through mehe said, but I was only a harlot of darkness.

But what of it? I could never endure to seclude myself in a golden tower, and spend the long hours staring into a crystal globemumbling over incantations written on serpent's skin in the blood of virginsporing over musty volumes in forgotten languages. Well, this world contains all I desire —power, and pomp, and glittering antry, handsome men and soft women for my paramours and my slaves. Wayzygoose had, in his younger days, sought power in strange places; he'd wrestled with demons in blazing octagrams, stared into dimensions that men were not meant to wot of, and even outfaced the Unseen University grants committee Isn't it, Ned?

I'm furious that I have to admit it. Nobody has ever seen the like. But this sight could cost us dearly. And in all honesty, I think we're looking at things God never intended for human eyes. Live-Action TV. Babylon 5 : A Dilgar war criminal buys her way out of prosecution by offering the formula for an immortality serum.

There are some things you just don t want to know

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