No Halifax free adult fun

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No Halifax free adult fun

There are many must-visit places in Nova Scotiaand Halifax is definitely one of them! Wander aimlessly down the picturesque streets, while stopping to sip on tasty craft beers and dine on scrumptious seafood. Relax in one of the many green spaces, or visit a museum to learn about the history of the city, and Nova Scotia as a whole. This picture-perfect spot is the prized possession of Halifax. The waterfront walkway is a pedestrian-only zone, making it a great place to get away from traffic. Watch the locals fishing off the wharf, gawk at a docked superyacht, or pop in for some tasty snacks at the colourful outdoor food eatery — insider tip: try the beaver tails, poutine and locally made ice cream!

This is a great place to walk any time of the day but is especially nice during the morning and around sunset. During the beginning of July, many venues around the city are turned into outdoor concerts. We were lucky enough to visit on a night when American artist, Common and local artist, Shad were performing at the TD stage near the waterfront. What an incredible concert! This jazz festival is the largest in Atlantic Canada and keeps growing in popularity year by year. There are numerous neighbourhoods in Halifax.

If you have a chance, get out of the downtown area and check out some of the other parts of the city. However, No Halifax free adult fun of the best things to do in Dartmouth is to simply wander around and enjoy the quaint downtown vibes. By far one of the best things to do in Halifax and Nova Scotia as a whole is to eat fresh seafood.

There are numerous seafood restaurants in Halifax, but I recommend checking out the Bicycle Thief and sampling the lobster roll. This is a great meal for lunch, as a snack or for dinner. Basically, chunks of rich lobster are tossed in a light mayonnaise, citrus, and herb sauce and placed in and on top of a grilled, buttery hot dog bun.

Very tasty. Another must-eat meal is at The Five Fishermen. For non-lobster lovers, you can always opt for a piping hot bowl of seafood or corn chowder or a fillet of salmon grilled to perfection. Admittedly, at first glance, this vehicle looks pretty touristy. These LARC-V amphibious vehicles were used by the Americans during the Vietnam war to transport soldiers and supplies — they were able to carry 5 tons! These days, unused vehicles have been sold to various countries to provide a unique tourism opportunity.

ing the Harbour Hopper tour is one of the top things to do in Halifax if you want to learn about the history, and enjoy a different vantage point of the city. The trip is only about 1 hour long, yet is very informative. Home to an African Nova Scotian population, gentrification has crept in as it does in so many cities worldwideand these days the North End is now predominantly a university student area.

This is a hipster area for sure with many musicians, writers, and artists calling this place home. Hopefully, new emerging businesses will be mindful of hiring locals from the community, or host events that welcome everyone. During the Halifax Explosion the largest man-made explosion in the world before the use of nuclear weaponsthe North End was hit hard, with much of the area being flattened, and numerous lives lost.

Look for bus52 or 7 to take you from Downtown to the North End. Luckily, there are many spots in Halifax where you can do just that. Visit the 16 acre Halifax Public Gardens, which is a very well-manicured green space. Apart from relaxing with a good book or a picnic, you can often find events in the park as well.

The Commons offers a baseball field, tennis courts, soccer field, and a skate park. Finally, check out the large, acre Point Pleasant Park which sits at the very southern tip No Halifax free adult fun the Halifax Peninsula. This is a great spot to do some walking, cycling or running on one of the many gravel trails — with amazing ocean views! Bring a picnic and enjoy the afternoon. Have you ever tried a Middle Eastern doner kebab, shawarma or a Greek gyro?

The donair is similar to that, but with a Halifax twist. So, they put a spin on it and invented the donair.

No Halifax free adult fun

Using Lebanese bread rather than Greek pita, beef and chicken instead of lamb, and creating a sauce from evaporated milk, garlic, parsley, vinegar, and sugar as opposed to the yogurt-based onethe donair was born. Luckily, Haligonians took to this creation and the donair is now the official food of Halifax. There are a few places to sample them.

No Halifax free adult fun

With so much history in the city, make sure to check out one, or two, of the museums. Pier 21 is a museum showcasing immigration in Nova Scotia — both past and present. From —nearly one million people arrived at the Halifax Seaport.

At the museum, you can even search the database for your own ancestors! During the high season, May 1 — October 31, The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is open 7 days a week from am to pm. for your tickets. Another must-visit is the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which houses numerous artifacts, ships, and a collection of items found from the sunken Titanic. In when the Titanic sunk, Halifax was the closest major port and played a huge role in the collection of bodies and wreckage. One hundred and twenty-one victims of the sinking are buried at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, while many of the artifacts recovered are in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Halifax is making a name for itself in the craft beer scene. And, based on my personal research, I can say that sampling the beers on offer is one of the top things to do in Halifax! You can find Propeller Brewing Co. Many of the other breweries are located in the trendy North End, or across the harbour in Dartmouth. This is one of the best places to see in Halifax on the weekend. This is when the market will be at its liveliest — in the morning. And, keep in mind that many of the vendors appreciate it if you pay by cash.

Some of the best places to see in Nova Scotia are located just an hour or so from Halifax, making the city a great place to base yourself. And, since Nova Scotia is quite compact, getting around is a breeze. This stunning community and lighthouse is just a minute drive from Halifax. There are a few ways to get here, either by car, taxi or tour. The drive takes you along the picturesque Lighthouse Route No Halifax free adult fun stopping to enjoy the hidden bays and coves along the way.

If you have time, spending the night is best, but many people choose to day trips from Halifax to Lunenburg. Known for its 3 picturesque churches, this town offers great restaurants, a craft beer brewery, and many specialty shops. Many day trips from Halifax head out to wine country on a longer tour — around 8 hours.

No Halifax free adult fun

Enjoy tastings at the wineries, a gourmet lunch, and visits to other nearby sites. for details. Many cities around the world offer free walking tours, which are typically run by university students. One of the top things to do in Halifax is to the walking tour. Make sure you ask for their recommended restaurants and bars at the end — local advice is always the best.

From June 1 — September 1, tours run twice a day at 10 am and 3 pm. When we passed by this shop, we were immediately drawn in and ended up spending around 30 minutes just watching the whole process. Irish immigrants brought their European glass blowing techniques with them and passed them down to the next generation. This is the only place in Canada that makes hand-cut, mouth-blown crystal items. The colourful melted glass is spun, blown, and molded into beautiful crystal glasses, bowls, office items, wedding gifts, sculptures and more.

No Halifax free adult fun

This is one of the most fascinating things to see in Halifax. This is definitely a popular spot to visit in Halifax.

No Halifax free adult fun

If trendy, hipster vibes are more your scene, then the North End might be more for you. The newly renovated room was great and offered an amazing view of Georges Island and the Waterfront. We enjoyed our stay here the huge breakfast buffet was delicious. On our second visit to Halifax, we chose an Airbnb in one of the historic homes near the waterfront.

Since we had been dining at restaurants for almost 3 weeks straight, we were looking forward to cooking a couple of meals for ourselves, which is a great perk of Airbnbs. To search for places to stay in Halifax on Booking. Nick and I spent 5 days in the city and easily could have spent Enjoy the fun things to do in Halifax and let me know what I missed in the comments below.

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No Halifax free adult fun

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